About Me

I'm a second-year Business Management student from Germany. I live on campus but represent our diverse commuter population. Why? Because I firmly believe that with your outside input and my on-campus presence together, we can make the changes that matter most. I've lived in five countries around the world, had numerous diverse occupations ranging personal trainer to business analyst and in University I'm a student ambassador as well as the president of drama society. I know two things very well, how to make a deal and how to deal with stress. What does that mean for you? It means you have someone confident, organized and experienced representing your ideas in the SU. Have a good day :) I'll see you around!

My Role as the Community and Commuter Officer?

  • Represent commuter students in the SU
  • Help run events and activities catered to commuter students
  • Support commuter students to the best of my ability
  • Work actively and closely with commuter students to make the right difference for the right people

My Goals

  • Host a Bi-Weekly Student Experience Panel to hear out students ideas and recommendations for changes that we can implement
  • Arrange for after-party accommodation for commuting students so that they don't have to drive home
  • Host more alcohol-free events

Contact Me

 @CommuterOfficer on Instagram