About Me

I am a first-year medical student studying at Crewe campus. I aspire to specialise in neurosurgery and with that being said I would love to inspire other students to explore different fields in surgery with the establishment of the society of neurology and neurosurgery. I am originally from the Republic of Ireland and throughout the past few years, I have had the honour of succouring and serving many young people in multifarious leadership roles; working to provide efficacious representation to help them have their voices heard and achieve their collective aspirations. Some of these roles include being one of the four Limerick City and County representative of the Irish Youth Council for three consecutive years, an Irish Youth Delegate in the Model United Nations Conference in Barcelona, Laois County Secretary of Youth Work Ireland, President of the Limerick City and County Youth Council, and Limerick City and Council Youth Representative of the Tobacco Free Ireland Programme 2018-2021.

My Role as Crewe Medical Officer Liaison

As a Crewe Medical Officer Liaison, I seek to improve on the status quo, wherever possible. I am always keen to listen to the concerns and ideas of medical students and implement supportive forums to deal with uprising affairs. I will effectively liaise with the Medical Officer as well as the Student Union conveying concerns to the relevant authorities as well as providing prompt information about the latest events. I also seek to inject some creativity in organizing social events to fully integrate the medical school the university’s environment, as much as the prevailing circumstances permit. Most importantly, the welfare of all medical students is my priority- I am aware that both emotional and psychological wellbeing is an essential aspect of thriving academically so I will ensure to provide abundant aid in times of difficulty and stress!

My Goals

  1. Enhance the medical experience for students at Crewe Campus by ensuring that the needs of the students are attended to and their voices are being heard.
  2. Work alongside with Frances Smallbridge to develop a sustainable relationship between the medical school and the entire university.
  3. Strengthen the medical student support, education and patient’s experiences while paying attention to the feedback and ensuring appropriate changes can be made.

Contact Me

sumedicalofficer@buckingham.ac.uk and 2020353@buckingham.ac.uk