About Me

I started studying Law at Buckingham in September 2019. Since joining the university, I have become involved in the Art Society and Law Society. I believe engaging in the societies helps me to contribute to the student body and improve students’ experience in any way I can. As a woman of Asian ethnicity and African Nationality (Mauritian), and a feminist, I believe in equality and inclusivity for everyone, regardless of one's gender, skin colour or ethnicity.

My Role as Equity and Inclusion Officer

  • Ensuring everyone is treated equally, fairly, and inclusively
  • Create and promote diversity across the University
  • Representing Students' voices
  • Ensuring students are well-equipped to enjoy their time in Buckingham

My Goals

  • Creating a support network for ethnic minorities and women

  • Creating awareness on various topics such as racism, homophobia, feminism, and the alike

  • Organising events, both online and in-person, inviting students to connect to build a more inclusive student community

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