About Me

Hi, I am Divya Jacob, hailing from India. My journey led me to the prestigious University of Buckingham in the UK, where I am pursuing my master’s in business administration (MBA). This experience has been a remarkable learning curve, offering diverse perspectives and expanding my horizons amidst picturesque landscapes and academic excellence.

My Role as Mature Students Officer

My position as the Mature Students Officer is a freshly introduced role this year, and what makes it truly exciting is the absence of predefined expectations, granting me the opportunity to pave the way for others. In my capacity, I've actively fostered a dialogue between students and the Student Union, aiming to establish a stronger connection, to enlighten students about the Student Union's pivotal role in enhancing their comprehensive university experience. Furthermore, I've taken the initiative to launch networking events tailored for students, offering them a platform to forge connections spanning academic, professional, and personal realms.

My Goals

In my capacity as the part-time officer, my objective is to provide valuable support to students, with a particular focus on mature students. My aim is to offer them a diverse perspective on university life, ensuring they have a memorable and enriching experience to cherish and carry with them

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