About Me

I'm a third year medical student based at the Buckinghamshire Health Trust (BHT) hospitals. I was born and brought up in Bahrain but am originally from India. I'm currently also the President of the Plastic Surgery Society, so do get in touch if that's something you're interested in! One thing I'm very passionate about is bridging the gap between phase 1 and phase 2 and improving student experience overall.

My Role as Medical Officer

My main role within the SU is to support medical students across all cohorts, be it academically or non-academically.
I believe that every student deserves to have a say in all areas affecting them and therefore wish to represent that voice.

My Goals

  • To encourage and assist the smooth functioning of medical societies and help them reach their individual goals by improving access to resources.
  • Working with my fellow Crewe Officer to provide equal resources and opportunities to medical students in crewe.
  • Hold a medball at the end of each year for all medical students!
  • Collaborate with fellow sabbatical officers and PTO's to unite the students and improve student experience and wellbeing at university
  • Improving communication and connections with other medical universities and increasing collaborations between universities

Contact Me