About Me

I am an international student from Canada who grew up in Bristol and I'm currently in my second year of medical school at the Buckingham campus. I am the UK liaison for the Hypersomnia Foundation and would love to work as a GP in the future and support those with long-term conditions. I'm always keeping busy and love writing music/playing piano, outdoor sports, visiting the local market, and spending time with friends and family. 

My Role as Medical Officer

With this role, I want to bridge the gap between the medical school and the rest of the University, by ensuring the same accessibility to events, resources, and support for med students as members of any other faculty. I want to establish what can be the first port of call for medical students if unsure of who to turn to or how to navigate a process and I am committed to taking every request/feedback/dilemma and using everything in my means to resolve it. 

My Goals

My goals are centered around the principle of providing consideration of medical students' perspectives in the SU, particularly with our separate calendar, and speaking on behalf of past, current, and future medical students at the University of Buckingham. Crucially, I want to ensure that this role is a permanent addition to the Student Union Executive and that medical school representation remains in place, to continue to make the med student body equal recipients of the SU provisions and student advocacy.

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