About Me:

Hello there. I am a mature student here at Buckingham, currently studying psychology at undergraduate level. I was a previous executive for the Psych Society, and I am also a very active member of the UoB Music Society. Having spent two decades out of education, I have found it beneficial to embrace many of the extra-curricular opportunities offered by the university.

My Role as Mature Students Network Lead:

My role as Mature Student Network Lead is to understand the needs of mature students here at the university and to coordinate with the Student Union, as well as societies and clubs in order to provide an inclusive environment. It is important that mature students are able to fully immerse in the student experience, and are able to partake in events that they are interested in.

My Goals:

  • Create a straightforward line of communication between mature students and the Student Union services.
  • Ensure that the needs of mature students are represented in clubs and societies.

Contact me: