About Me

I came to Buckingham in September of 2020 to study Digital News and Media, having moved more than 250 miles away from my home in the North East of England. Over the last 5 years, I've campaigned against issues ranging from racism and discrimination, mental health and even had the pleasure of sitting on my local children's scrutiny committee managing children's services within my local authority. 

My Role as Equity and Inclusion Officer

Within my role as Equity and Inclusion Officer I will:

  • Commit to creating and maintaining an environment on campus within which inclusive learning, fair treatment, and diversity are valued and discrimination is challenged.

  • Work with students with protected characteristics where they may not be reaching their full potential.

  • Regularly meet and discuss with all students, particularly those from underrepresented groups so that we can enhance our curriculum and University experience.

My Goals

During my time holding office, I pledge to:

  • Challenge the University on rising Accommodation rent prices and campaign for a freeze on rent for the next academic year allowing myself and supporting officers to undertake a ‘rent price review’ to ensure current pricing is fair and students are receiving value for money.
  • Keep students in the loop by improving the lines of communication across the University and ensuring that information is not only available but easily accessible.
  • Work with the University to reintroduce the Minibus service in a Covid secure way as to maintain an open and accessible campus for all.
  • Empower students by creating a mental health handbook, providing guidance on issues surrounding mental health, as well as advice about how to support friends during difficult times such as exams.


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