About Me

My name is Stephanie and I work alongside Christine Telling. I started my LLB at Buckingham in September 2020. I am originally from Luxembourg and have always felt that we, as individuals, should make reasonable changes to our lifestyles in order to collectively achieve a better tomorrow for our planet. I have a great amount of love for nature, so I feel we should do everything we can to protect it.

My Role as Environmental & Ethical campus liaison

I act in a liaising capacity with the student body on campus. This allows me to give Christine insight into any on-campus information needed to set and execute our environmental goals.

My Goals

  1. To share my passion for our environment and ethical practices by engaging with fellow students and creating a culture of sustainability at UoB
  2. To assess current systems, such as waste management and building efficiency, then work towards greener solutions
  3. Engage with the local community on joint projects and events
  4. Organise fun, inviting events for students which promote sustainability
  5. Overall, get people thinking and learning about this one-of-a-kind, life-giving planet we all live on

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