About Me

As a past president of Drama society and Vice-President of the Gaming society, Henry has extensive experience in getting students involved in societies and extra-curricular activities. He studied Economics with Applied Computing and is keen to apply everything he has learnt as a student to his role as vice president. 

Don't forget to make him laugh, you won't regret it!

My Role as VP - Activities Officer

  • I am here to listen to the students and societies and advocate for their needs from the SU and University, as such, if anything needs to be brought up from the students’ end, I am the person to communicate with 
  • I am also fully in support of students who would like to create a new society or revive a pre-existing one.
  • Continue to support all of the societies we have in the activities they run throughout the term
  • Another part of my role in the SU is to drive union activity and content. I will plan events, of all types, from the SU side and will try to ensure that students have as many fun activities to engage with as possible

My Goals

  • To continue to improve the society system and build tools for our societies to use that will help them
  • To break down barriers between the students and the Student Support Services department with the aim to improve student wellbeing
  • To build student confidence by being more transparent and making student feel more secure

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