About Me

Hello friends! my name is Audrey, i am currently a Psychology Student and an ambassador in the psychology program. I am currently a member of several societies as well. As a student living with a disability, I believe in the importance of students' welfare and I advocate that every student should have a fair chance at enjoying their university experience.

My Role as Wellbeing, Equity, Equality and Diversity Officer

My Role as Wellbeing, Equity, Equality and Diversity officer is to maintain and improve students' welfare in order to improve their University experience. Part of my role is to listen to students' needs that may require more attention from the WSD department and liaise between the student body and WSD department. I aim to represent and ensure the inclusivity of students from all cultural and diverse backgrounds in decisions made within the University.

My Goals

  • To ensure students' comfort and promote reasonable adjustments were needed
  • To listen and make sure each students' needs are addressed  

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