Activities: a guide for organising and promoting them

We ask all society executives to organise at least 3 events each term for their members.

While things are quite different in a socially-distanced world, we still encourage societies to remain active and maintain a community spirit. We recommend societies make use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom to keep in touch with members; the SU can offer help if you need guidance on how to use these platforms. 

Make sure to send an email to the Vice-President of the SU so we can add your event to the SU calendar!

It is also crucial that you let us know if you want to organise an in-person event, so we can advise you on the current Covid-19 guidelines.


How to create an effective poster

Once you have agreed the details for your event with a member of the SU team it’s time to promote your event!

Please remember to include the following on your poster:

  • Please include the SU logo on the bottom right-hand corner of your poster. This way students will know they can speak to a member of the SU team if they’d like to know more about your event.
  • Less is more: posters work better if they are readable at a distance.
  • Think about your background. Many people find text easier to read on a background that isn’t white, so consider buying some yellow or peach-coloured paper to print your poster on (note: you can use society funds if you all agree to this).
  • Don’t use a very dark background. While it can look good, the SU doesn’t want to use loads of ink, it just isn’t good for the environment. Save the dark backgrounds for your social media posts.
  • Put yourself in the design. Two things to consider: 1) it’s a fact that on social media, people respond more to faces of other people than they do of inanimate objects. 2) One of the best things about societies is networking and connecting with like-minded people. With this in mind, why not take some great photos of your exec to show how will be hosting the event?
  • Try the indie route: you don’t have to design your poster with a computer. Try creating something unique with a pen and paper.
  • Don’t forget the details: date / time / venue
  • Have a call to action: where do people find out more or book tickets?
  • If you really struggle with the artistic element of a poster, try using Canva or Pictochart, which have a range of images available and will look more professional than Word.

After you have finished your posters, make sure to send it to the Students' Union, so it can be added onto Students' Announce and our social media.

Where to put your posters? 

We want to try and limit the number of posters that are stuck on walls and left on tables, therefore please use the noticeboards available to advertise your activities or events.  

There are noticeboards in: 

  • Chandos Road Building entrance / foyer 
  • CRB ground floor hallway 
  • ADR ground floor 
  • Hunter Street Library (next to the main desk)
  • Vinson Building foyer
  • OTM Foyer 
  • Verney Park foyer 
  • Verney Park Library (in the group study room) 
  • Verney Park café