Bronze level - Attend, Explore, & Discover Yourself 

At Bronze level we ask students to demonstrate that they are seeking opportunities to actively engage in University life.

To achieve Bronze level, you need to have completed and be able to evidence that you have achieved at least 12 of the following activities and we would like a description of how you found and engaged with these activities. 

You are also able to submit your own activity which does not appear on the list, provided you can demonstrate how it meets the Bronze criteria of actively engaging with University life beyond your studies.

We would encourage those of you about to start your award to take photos and tag the SU! We are @UniofBuckinghamSU on Facebook and Instagram. You can also email the Student Services Advocate if you'd like to share any photos or reviews too.


Student number 

School of study 


Let us know what you have done for a Bronze award to get started!

Engaging with activities on campus and around Buckingham:

  1.  I have joined a society and participated for one term
  2.  I have joined a sports club and participated for one term
  3.  I have attended an OTM event
  4.  I have attended an ASK session
  5.  I have attended a 'Tales from the Riverbank' session
  6.  I attended a society-run event
  7.  I am part of a society or sports club executive
  8.  I attended an extra-curricular lecture
  9.  I have eaten at all 3 catering outlets on the Buckingham campus
  10.  I have engaged in a Litter Picking event in Buckingham
  11.  I have eaten at or shopped at 10 different venues in Buckingham
  12.  I have visited Milton Keynes while at University
  13.  I have created a fit-for-purpose CV
  14.  I have created a Volunteering Module profile
  15.  I have completed 3 training modules with the Volunteering Module
  16.  I have completed 25 hours of volunteering in the Volunteering Module
  17.  I have met with my personal tutor to discuss my future career
  18.  I have created a LinkedIn profile and connected with people I know
  19.  I have attended a careers consultation with a member of the Careers and Employability Hub to discuss my career aspirations  
  20.  I have attended a workshop run by the Careers and Employability Hub 
  21.  I have attended a Careers fair

Please give us more details about the activities you selected and what you learned from them. We would ideally like 175 characters for each element and recommend you draft this in a Word document before pasting it into the box below - the bullet points are numbered so you can give your explanation like this:

4) I attended the ASK session with Philippa Martindale... etc.



Did you engage with an activity which isn't listed above? If so, you can provide more details here:


As detailed on the main Buckingham: UP page, this scheme aims to recognise

  • Independent thinking
  • Being entrepreneurial
  • Being professional and work ready
  • Having an enterprising mind set

Please detail here one of the activities you undertook which you feel fits each of these 'University Graduate Attibutes' and explain your reasoning. There is a box for each of these points below.

My University Graduate Attibute: 

My University Graduate Attibute: 

My University Graduate Attibute: 

My University Graduate Attibute: 

 Check before you send: I have detailed on this form at least 12 points in order to achieve my Bronze Buckingham: UP award and how at least one of these fits with the University Graduate Attributes!

Well done on working towards unlocking your potential. 

Now send it to the Buckingham: UP team!

If you have enjoyed engaging with the Bronze award it need not stop there - have a look at the Silver and Gold awards!