Silver level - Experience, Test & Build Yourself 

At Silver level you need to demonstrate that, in addition to being an active participant in University life, you have reflected on the skills that you have developed. To achieve Silver level you need to have achieved Bronze level and completed at least 4 of the activities below.  


Student number 

School of study 

 I have achieved a Buckingham: Unlocking Potential Bronze Award


Let us know what you have done for a Silver award to get started!

Engaging with activities on campus:

 I have volunteered for at least 25 hours in the last 3 months.

 I have a role as a Student Leader

 I am a Residential Assistant

 I am a Student Ambassador in the Marketing team

 I am an Academic Rep

 I work on a part-time basis

 I am on the SU events team

 I went on work experience relevant to my career

Please detail below who the Buckingham: UP team can contact to verify you've attended these sessions

As part of the silver award we ask that you write up a reflective account of approximately 800 words on these 4 contributions you have made.

Please send this to Brook Jones after sending this form.