Most likely, you have chosen your degree subject because you are interested in what the course has to offer, and maybe even because you saw a clear career path following your degree. However, it may be that your feelings have changed and you are no longer certain what you would like do with your degree, or perhaps you never were to start with. You can explore some useful information by visiting one of the following websites. There you will find job profiles and information about sectors describing:  

  • The training route into a specific profession  
  • Desirable work experience and skills, as well as ideas for how to get them  
  • What you can expect to do on the job and salary information
  • Employers seeking workers in that profession  

Useful links

Horizons (our own careers and employability portal)



Target Jobs 

Bright Network Academy

Next Step Support

Another way for you to explore career options is investigating where Buckingham alumni now work. You can do this by logging into LinkedIn and using the Alumni search. It will provide you with a breakdown of sectors and employers, as well as suggestions of alumni you could link with and reach out to with questions about the work they do. This is a great way of building a professional network! Tips on how to use LinkedIn are here. The Alumni tool sector breakdown works only on the web interface of LinkedIn. 

If you would like someone to help you get started or you wish to talk about the information you have already found, book a 1-2-1 careers consultation by emailing