Freshers 2020 Wrap Up

Freshers 2020 was definitely one to remember!

It was very different to a "normal" freshers, but we did our best to ensure that students still had fun and received a warm welcome into our University!


We had a range of activities for students to join in on from Welcome Dinners, Movie Nights, to a Mini Music Festival, Painting and Clubercise!

We made sure there was always something to get involved in!

This includes those who joined us online, from different countries or from quarantine. We had various online activities running as well, including Quiz Night, Cards Against Humanity and Disco Bingo!


We hope you all had a great time!

We know it has been a difficult year, but everyones positive attitude and enthusiasm really made freshers a fun week! We wish you all the best for your first year of uni and I can't wait to see you at some events throughtout this term!