UBMS Dermatology Society is a new society at Buckingham. We are a both an academic and social society aiming to provide students with an interest in Dermatology with insights into the profession and exposure to content that will further broaden their medical knowledge.

We will be holding a series of events with guest speakers talking about a range of topics from what a career in Dermatology is like, how to build a competitive CV, the science behind skincare and current hot topics such as psychodermatology. DermSoc will also provide our members with a members-only package entailing networking opportunities, research prospective and much more!

Our society is affiliated with numerous organisations such as British Association of Dermatology and British Skin Foundation. Fundraisers for skin conditions, education on ethnic dermatology and career talks will all be delivered to all of our members.

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Join us for as low as £5 for the entire year!