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Virtual Assistant for Students' University Experience and Wellbeing - UK

Are you an undergraduate student at the University of Buckingham, do you have an opinion about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants in education, and do you have 20-25 minutes to help out a fellow student? Then please participate in this survey by your fellow student Mariëlle Rosendaal!

A video explaining the survey can be found here:

The link to the survey:


home sewist?

If you would class yourself as a home sewist, please fill out my survey! I'm looking at motivations for sewing and thinking styles. The survey shouldn't take longer than 20 mins to complete. If you aren't a home sewist but know someone who is, please forward the survey to them (provided they are aged 18+). Thanks, Lauren Cox


Can time personality predict time management behaviors?

Hello! I am interested to know how time personality can predict time management behaviors. If you are above 18 then you can take part in the survey. It should not take any longer than 20 minutes to complete, so please consider filling it out and sharing it with others. Thank you, Keerti Aiyengar


Can gender, social support, and social participation predict wellbeing in light of COVID?

If you are between the age of 18-25 years please complete this survey on social support, social participation, and wellbeing and share it with others, it should not take anymore than 20 minutes to complete and would be a great help to my project! Thank you, Gabrielle Sampson


Have you ever felt that time passes faster whilst playing video games?

If you enjoy gaming, be it on competitive or causal levels, anybody who is aged 16 or above and plays video games for at least one hour per week can participate in my survey. I am interested to explore whether immersion while gaming and time-related behaviors (e.g., being on time) will affect the way one perceives time. It should not take more than 35 minutes to complete the survey. Your participation will be greatly appreciated and of big help to my research. Vasily Morozko


How do we respond to fake news on social media?

Hey Everyone! My study is looking to explore the cognitive processes that impact our tendency to rate news headlines as accurate and influence our intentions to share this information with our online community. If you are aged 18 or over and have around 20 minutes to spare, my survey will require you to respond honestly about your reaction to several COVID-19 related news headlines and social media posts, and ask you to rate either how truthful you find the information to be, or how likely you would be to share this information with friends. Steve Peach

Please click the link below to access my survey, and thank you in advance for taking the time to consider taking part in my study and please feel free to share this URL with anyone you know who may be interested in completing my questionnaire.


What predicts female strength training in the gym?

I am looking at whether self-presentational concern, social physique anxiety and exercise self-efficacy can predict female resistance training in the gym. If you identify as female, have an active gym membership and do not suffer from anxiety or body image related ill mental health please complete my survey. I would really appreciate your help. It should only take around 10 mins. Thank you. Sophie Pizzol


Does viewing fitness inspiration posts affect our behaviour and body satisfaction?

For my dissertation I have decided to explore how exposure to fitness inspiration images (otherwise known as fitspo or fitspiration images) on Instagram is related to exercise behaviour and body satisfaction. If you are 18 or over have an Instagram account and view fitness inspiration images, even if just occasionally. I would gratefully appreciate you taking part in my survey. It should only take between 10-15 minutes. Ellika Guzenda

Please follow this link if you would like to take part in this study or for more information on the study:


What are the cultural and gender differences in perceptions about male rape survivors? 

I am doing an undergraduate project looking at cultural and gender differences in perceptions that are associated with male sexual assault victims. If you meet the requirements below and would be interested in taking part, please click the link provided below. It should only take about 15 minutes. Kalpana Khatri
• Must not be a survivor of sexual assault 
• Must be either Pakistani, British-Pakistani, or British non-Pakistani 
• Fluent in English 
• 18 years or older.


Do people who are musically passionate and engage with performing music more have lower levels of stress and a higher sense of life satisfaction? 

I am an undergraduate student looking at how musical passion and musical engagement affect stress and life satisfaction. If you can play any musical instrument or sing, you'd be perfect to take part in this study. You'd also have to be above the age of 18. I would really appreciate the time you put towards answering my study and it should only take around 15 minutes. Salem Haroon

Please follow the link if you want to take part in this study: