About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Liv, and I am very pleased to be serving as your Faculty Liaison Officer for Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. Currently, I am in my second year here at the University of Buckingham, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics after my brief spell studying psychology in London did not work out! In addition to my role in the Student Union, I am also the secretary for the Buckingham Bullets Cheerleading Team. As a sociable, approachable, and friendly person, please always feel free to chat with me about anything, whether it be academic, sports-related, wellbeing or just a general chat, and I will do my best to help!

My Role as FBHSS Liaison

As an elected student representative, my role entails communicating between my faculty and the Student Union to ensure that every single student’s university experience is the best it possibly can be. Having been a student at the university for a year before gaining this role, I experienced first-hand some of the areas that I believe were letting my experience down and could be improved to bolster my time at university. I am a firm believer in that often, it is the small things that can make a big difference! Building relationships with staff and students in the faculty, having positive conversations, and working with my colleagues in the Student Union are ways that together, we can all ensure our voices are heard and work towards real change for now, and future UOB students.

My Goals

- Build a positive, open, and constructive line of close communication between the Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences Faculty and the Student Union which can be maintained going forward.

- Represent all students within my faculty to ensure they can have their voices heard, give feedback, and come to me with any issues, worries, or concerns to make their university experience the best it can be.

- Do my best to solve problems that affect students individually, as a small group, or as a large group, for example, module choices, MFL department closing, and exams changing.

- Work with senior members of my faculty to discuss diversifying the method of assessment to be more in line with other faculties in the university.

- Improve new students’ experiences when settling into the university by making personal tutor-tutee communication more accessible and standardised.

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