1 SU bar . . . 3 Rooms . . . take your pick.

It's your SU Bar. Cheap pints, Soft Drinks, Cocktails, and Shooters, all week with special offers on top. Games, pool table, . . . the works. We organize all sorts of events every week, including quizzes and pool contests. (You’d be a fool not to try out your skills). Each room has its own thing, its reason to visit, it just depends on what you want. Come and find out what's on offer.

The Tigger Bar (Doubles up as the refectory)

Big and spacious to fit a good crowd. The Tigger Bar is the main venue for Party Nights, DJs, and entertainment like Karaoke sessions. The room is usually used for late-night events.

The Games Room

A smaller room for those who fancy something a little more close-knit, with large screen television for video games, and a free (yes free) pool table. Always a good place to relax after a hard day at the Uni.

The OTM Room

Something different, colourful, and more easygoing. The OTM is a more relaxed alternative for whether you come in for a coffee, a pint, or just a catch up. Enjoy the music, or come for a DJ session in a smaller and more intimate space.


It’s yours to take it to where you want to. Get involved.


”Providing quality events and services to all our students by investing all our income and resources to create a better student experience”