No elections are currently running, check back on Monday!

What are Students' Union Elections?

Elections are your chance to take control of the student experience at the University of Buckingham.

Watch this video for a guide to how our voting works:


What are Officers, Executives, Leaders and Liasons?

Note: During the Crewe By-Elections we are only electing the role of Crewe Campus Liaison.

Officers, Executives, Leaders and Liaisons are the elected leaders of the University of Buckingham Students' Union. We have three full-time Officers and ten part time roles up for grabs including six part-time Network Leaders (also known as part-time Officers) and four Faculty Liasons (Senior Academic Representatives new for this year!) who take on the role alongside their studies. Together, they represent all students and influence their experiences throughout the University.

It's one of the most influential grad scheme you've ever heard of.


Find out more about how our elections work on our FAQ page!

Outside of the Elections process we are also recruiting Academic Representatives for this year, if you are interested in becoming a Rep complete the application form here.