About Me

Hi Everyone, I'm Sunmi. I’m a Nigerian International Student studying Law. I’m in my second year at the university and I’m currently the secretary of the Nigerian Society. I love meeting new people so please feel free to say Hi if you see me around and I look forward to meeting you all!

My Role as FCLP Liaison

My role as the faculty liaison is to be a voice for all three schools within the faculty in order for their needs to be heard and provided for.
I aim to improve the experiences of the students within the faculty and create a space to support the students in succeeding in their individual courses.

My Goals

* Work with the SU to help bridge interdisciplinary divides within the three schools in the faculty.
* Help plan and organise activities and events to strengthen the unity between the schools of law, computing and psychology through social interactions.
* Advocate for better mental health and wellbeing initiatives to help students cope with the workload better.
* Amplify the collective student voice on issues unique to each school in the faculty.

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