About Me:

I'm a third year medical student currently based at the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust hospitals. The main reason I applied for this position was that I saw it as an opportunity to bring about changes that I felt everyone in our course could benefit from.

My role as Liaison for Medicine and Health Sciences:

My main role is to make sure every medical student at the University of Buckingham both receives the support that they require and has their voice heard, so if you have ideas, questions or anything else at all, feel free to email me on 2102584@buckingham.ac.uk. I look forward to working with everyone! 

My Goals:

  • To ensure there is adequate wellbeing support for medical students
  • To provide support to any medical-related student/society-led initiatives
  • To foster connections with other medical universities and ultimately hold joint events 
  • To facilitate interaction between Phase 1 and Phase 2 students
  • To organise opportunities for guest speakers to share their knowledge
  • To hold another medball

Contact me: