About me:
Hey there! I'm a law student. I also rock it as an executive on the football team—yep, a multitasker!
catch me hanging around the campus.
I’m always up for a chat or lending a hand. Let's tackle uni life together!

My role as LGBTQ+ network lead:
My role focuses on being a dedicated advocate for the community by fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals within the LGBTQ community. My leadership helps creating a platform where diverse voices are heard, respected, and celebrated. I thrive to create a more inclusive campus culture.

As the LGBTQ network lead at our university, I'm passionate about fostering an inclusive and supportive community for all. Through advocacy, support, and celebration, I strive to create a space where everyone feels respected and valued. Let's work together to embrace diversity and make our university a place where everyone shines authentically.

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