About Me
Hello! I’ve been at the university since 2021 doing my law and criminology bachelors. Now I’m doing my master’s in international and commercial law. I’m Russian-Canadian and now, apparently, temporarily British. I have a cat, a love for SciFi and uno (despite the questionable win to loss ratio), and I’m an active social media user – feel free to contact me there if you’d like!

My Role as Womens' Network Lead
In my role as the Women's Network Lead, I am committed to advocating for the well-being of the women at the University of Buckingham. This includes representing women’s interests and advocating for positive change by communicating with the SU Executive Team. I am interested in organizing meetings (and fun events of course) to hear from the women on campus regarding key issues such as gender equality and issues faced on campus to better represent the female student body.

My Goals
My goals include:
- Safety and Security - Through the implementation of initiatives like better campus lighting, safety surveys, and anonymous reporting systems to address personal safety concerns.
- Physical Wellbeing - Through the advocacy for healthier food options, women-only gym hours, inclusive health education, self-defense classes, and accessible sexual health resources.
- Mental Health and Empowerment - By building a supportive community through events like women-centric film nights and socials, collaborating with LGBT reps for inclusive events, providing additional support for university mothers, and creating women-only study and relaxation zones as well as various female geared events throughout the year.

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