Jean Lamoliatte


BSU Sports Club Officer - in this role I am the main point of contact for all BSU member clubs and will help support them and give them guidance on development opportunities. 

I also help to promote the clubs by ensuring they keep up to date information on the website and social media channels.  


BSc Business Economics 

Sports Clubs


Greatest sporting memory

When France won the 2018 World Cup. It was such an amazing moment for France, winning our second World Cup 20 years after winning our first one. It was a great day in France, everybody was celebrating and it brought the whole country together

Interesting fact

I am half French and half Nigerian, I am 6 ft 5 and I achieved my black belt in taekwondo when I was 14

Sporting hero and why

Muhammad Ali because he is one of the best boxer of all time and he was bigger than boxing. He became a public figure, he started tackling the major social issues at the time and he used his public status to help those who couldn’t speak up for themselves

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