Jeron Johnson


BSU President - in my role as BSU President I am responsible for the running of the BSU, chairing all BSU council and executive meetings as well as being the main point of contact for the Sports Coordinator.

I am always keen to hear from students on how sport can be developed here at Buckingham so please get in touch if you have ideas to share.  


LLB (Hons) Law

Sports Clubs

Men's Basketball

Greatest sporting memory

My greatest sporting memory is watching the Bahamas Men 4x400 Relay Team with Gold in the 2012 Olympics

Interesting fact

I am a MC (Master of Ceremonies) specialising in weddings, parties corporate events and more

Sporting hero and why

LeBron James is my sports hero because of his exceptional basketball skills, leadership on and off the court, philanthropy, and efforts to address social issues. His achievements, including multiple NBA championships and MVP awards, contribute to his status as a highly respected figure in the sports world. Additionally, LeBron has used his platform to advocate for social justice, education, and community development, further solidifying his hero status in my humble opinion.

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