Adam Pilling


BSU President - in my role as BSU President I am responsible for the running of the BSU, chairing all BSU council and executive meetings as well as being the main point of contact for the Sports Coordinator.

I am always keen to hear from students on how sport can be developed here at Buckingham so please get in touch if you have ideas to share.  


BSc Business Enterprise (BBE)

Sports Clubs


Greatest sporting memory

In my first national rally flying competition I was flying with my dad and there were 3 days of routes I had to calculate and Navigate based off of clues, pictures, degree intersections and coordinates. Being new to a sport filled with world champions I was nervous and had to practice map plotting during my free time. While doing this, Nigel Hopkins (second in the world for Aerobatics), went to my dad to compliment the accuracy of my work and later added that he would like to swap team mates (He had the current navigational champion). That day I came third out of the Navigators for accuracy and speed, the second day I came second to the current South African Champion of Navigation in the sport. On the 3rd day I finished my map work within 30 minutes and the Current champion finished in over an hour. My best sporting memory is momentarily being the best Navigational pilot in rally flying in South Africa.

Interesting fact

I was bitten by a lion cub as a child.

Sporting hero and why

Nigel Hopkins, Aerobatic pilot and ex head training captain for SAA. Adrian Pilling, Rally and Precision flying Champion. Growing up around flying competitions, aerobatic, rally and precision, I was always involved in the behind the scenes work that went on. I learnt how to get focused, eliminate fear and compete with honour and respect the competition. These two pilots in their prime would be the best in the world for their respective sports and they are my sports hero's because I learnt more from them than anyone else involved with sports.

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