Kelsie Wright


BSU President - in my role as BSU President I am responsible for the running of the BSU, chairing all BSU council and executive meetings as well as being the main point of contact for the Sports Coordinator.

I am always keen to hear from students on how sport can be developed here at Buckingham so please get in touch if you have ideas to share.  


BSc Psychology (2nd year)

Sports Clubs

Cheerleading and Netball

Greatest sporting memory

Competing at Karate Nationals in 2014 and winning 3rd in Kumite.

Interesting fact

I am Welsh and hyper-flexible.

Sporting hero and why

Wayne Otto: 5th dan Karateka and has been karate world champion 9 times. I have had the honor of training with him 4 times, and he showed what passion for sport looks like. 

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