This page includes: 

  • A day in the life of our SU President, SU Vice President and BSU President 
  • Job role descriptions
  • Nominations form
  • Campaigning rules
  • Path of events 




Job Roles 

Sabbatical Roles

President Responsibilities: 

  • Driving forward the development of the Union and directing Union activity.
  • Representing the student body at senior University level.
  • Working alongside the Sport & SU Manager for the effective representation of
  • Working alongside the Student Activities Coordinator for the effective representation of students in academic and social committees at the University.the SU and major project work.
  • Championing the positive University model, supporting the expansion of the University’s welfare provision and representing the voice of all student demographics at a Union and University level.

Vice President (Activities) Responsibilties: 

  • The development of existing societies and sports clubs.
  • The creation of new student groups and the provision of recreational or office driven activity.
  • Working alongside the Sports Coordinator and Student Activities Coordinator for the effective management of student groups on campus.
  • Championing the positive University model, encouraging students to be more physically active, less isolated and more culturally aware in their day-to-day lives.

Part-Time Officers

International Students Officer 

  • You will be representing around 50% of our students. Your role will include campaigning and canvasing the opinions of international students throughout the Univeristy  

Environmental and Ethical Officer

  • Being ethical and environmental officer means that you have the power to lobby and campaign on behalf of the students regarding environmental issues on campus

Community and Commuter Students Officer 

  • You will represent those students that travel into the Univeristy to study, helping to run events and activities that cater for these students

Mature Students Officer 

  • You will represent the wants and needs of mature students, aged 25 and over. We recognise that these students sometimes have different needs to others and it's a voice that must be represented on campus

Equity and Inclusion Officer 

  • The University of Buckingham is an inclusive environment. We are committed to all students having equal oppurtunities and the two equity and inclusion officers will represent the voices of all students to ensure this is the case

Welfare Officer

The Buckingham Sports Union Roles


  • The role of President is one of great responsibility, not only managing and sitting on the BSU Executive committee but also representing the interests of the BSU and its member clubs within the Students’ Union Executive.

  • The President chairs all meetings of the BSU Executive and the BSU Council and therefore cannot be shy of public speaking or making decisions.

Social Sport Officer

  • The role of Social Sport Officer is concerned with creating sport provision for students and staff who wish to play sport recreationally and getting more people involved in sport.

  • The Social Sport Officers collects views from the entire student body on sports at the university, bringing new ideas to the BSU executive for the provision of social sport opportunities.

Sports Clubs Officer

  • The right fit for the Sports Clubs Officer is someone who is passionate about developing the offer of sports clubs at the University and improving competitive opportunities.
  • A Key part of this role is to gather feedback on issues arising in sports clubs to be reported to the BSU executives in monthly meetings. As the main point of contact for the Club Presidents, the Sports Clubs Officer needs to have excellent communication skills and contacts within the BSU.


  • Aside from the main activities of the BSU, the role of Secretary is largely administrative, requiring someone who is organised with great attention to detail and excellent written communication skills.

  • For the BSU Executive and BSU Council meetings the Secretary creates and publishes the agenda and takes the minutes, which are circulated with the members of those bodies.


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