The University of Buckingham's Japanese Society: Embrace Japan's culture, language, and cuisine while fostering friendships and cross-cultural understanding. Join us today! 🇯🇵


The University of Buckingham's Japanese Society 🇯🇵 is a close-knit community of students passionate about Japanese culture. Through diverse events and activities, we explore language, cuisine, art, and traditions. 🍣🎨 Our workshops and language exchanges provide immersive experiences, deepening understanding and fostering lasting friendships. Join us to embrace the beauty and complexity of Japan, enriching your university journey. 🎌

With a focus on inclusivity, the society welcomes members from various backgrounds, creating a vibrant space for cultural exchange. From film screenings to tea ceremonies ☕, we offer glimpses into Japan's rich heritage. Collaborations with other student groups further enhance global connections. Immerse yourself in the essence of Japan with the University of Buckingham's Japanese Society. 🌸


You can see our activities on Instagram uob_japanesesoc.