The International Medical Residency Society (“MedResSoc”) aims to support students who are interested in completing their medical residency in the United States of America.  We seek to provide community support via opportunities to meet and network with other students who share this interest.  To help our members reach their goals, we provide resources on how to successfully prepare for residency applications. 


We have regular events, including Teams webinars to promote inclusivity between both campuses.  Members are provided with updates via email and notified of all events via the university Teams calendar.  Teams meeting links are sent out to all members in advance, and can also be found on our Instagram stories and Linktree.


To find our upcoming events, check out the What's On page or our Instagram account (@uob_medressoc).  Be sure to follow along as we also share regular updates about ECFMG changes and Match resources to our Instagram stories!


Check out our Linktree for more US Residency resources: https://linktr.ee/uob_medressoc