During their medical education, when exposure to surgical practice is scarce, students need support, and Scalpel is an active society that aims to provide that support. We aim to hold a lot of lectures, gatherings, and outings all year round with the goal of expanding student exposure to surgery. In our society, students will have the opportunity to learn and build confidence in a range of surgical techniques, such as knot tying, cyst removal, and suturing—techniques they would not often encounter at an early stage of their medical education. We have solid relationships with other surgical societies that enable students to get the most out of their surgical training through skill exchanges and lectures from well-known surgeons around the UK. Additionally, we plan activities for all medical students, such as presentations, tours to surgical museums, and sessions for reviewing anatomy.

In addition to giving students the chance to improve their resumes and get career guidance, Scalpel is a welcoming group that hosts a number of social events throughout the year. Never has it been more fun to participate in Scalpel!