Alcohol Awareness Pop Up Event

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Alcohol Awareness pop-up in the OTM

Last week, you may have seen the post regarding Alcohol Awareness in the OTM.

  • What are and how many units?
  • Benefits of eating before drinking
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Binge drinking
  • Spiking
  • Drink driving & breathalysers
  • Staying safe on a night out
  • Alcohol free choices

AJ & SAM also joined us for some fun photo opportunities.  Watch out for these two friends and see how they stay safe with alcohol and other substances.  Thank you to those who stopped to share your experiences and to talk about topics related to alcohol which were relevant to you.  I had some fantastic conversations and here is what YOU said: 

 “I’m a commuter student so breathalysers are so relevant to me”

“I thought one pint was one unit”

“I didn’t realise that I drank so much”

“I don’t drink but I can look out for others”


However, an important message that was taken away was to “Look out for others”.  If you see someone who appears to be sleeping and not responding, let bar staff/security know or call an ambulance.

I will be displaying the Alcohol Awareness again and if you can come along and learn one new thing about staying safe with alcohol – all good!   I look forward to chatting with you, hearing your opinions and views and maybe busting some myths!! 

Sharon – Wellbeing & Drug Awareness Advisor

If you do have any alcohol-related concerns, contact: 

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