World Mental Health Day

Sat 10 Oct 2020

An Update from the SU President

With registration and Freshers having gone very well, we continue to organise events (in-person and online), and further our work in areas concerning student representation. We also continue to look after quarantining students, and a personal highlight for me has been getting to know more and more new students - always happy to have coffee or go for a walk with anyone. I encourage you to come to the bar in the evenings - it is important that we support our safe and friendly spaces on campus

Thu 08 Oct 2020

Freshers 2020 Wrap Up

Tue 06 Oct 2020

Ideas on Freedom

Recovering the spirit of freedom is a big challenge for the 2020s. Where unrestricted inquiry, free expression, and open debate were once viewed as central to thriving democracies and to university life, today such values are often held in low regard. This seminar series is an opportunity to explore some of the core ideals and new limits to freedom. Each session comprises a short introductory talk followed by open discussion on the issues raised.

Thu 01 Oct 2020

COVID Safe Freshers & Community Pledge

We're now almost at the end of our Freshers Fortnight. Our COVID-Secure events have all been incredibly well attended and enjoyed by all, whilst also ensuring that everybody was safe and comfortable. We've gone through many masks, lots of hand sanitiser and tonnes of blue gloves.

Also, please make sure to check through to the Community Pledge and sign it if you haven't already.

Wed 30 Sep 2020

BSU Awards 2020

Tue 08 Sep 2020

BSU PRESIDENT: What is it like to be an SU Volunteer?

My eagerness to help and my fondness for the BSU has meant that I have the opportunity to continue as BSU President until the end of my studies. It will certainly be something I will be sad to say goodbye to once I leave, and will continue to look back on for years to come. It has been a pleasure to represent sport at this University, and I hope I can continue to do a good job for the next few months!

Fri 21 Aug 2020

Latest Update from the SU President

The vote to change the Students' Union constitution is ready to be launched on Monday - keep an eye on your inbox. Thank you to everybody who attended the information forum, your contributions were taken on board. Next week is busy with both virtual and in-person events (all details in the 'What's On' tab). I am also very grateful to Kris for launching the Daria Special - a new non-alcoholic drink in the bar. As always, we are here for you and we can't wait to welcome all the September starters

Fri 14 Aug 2020

Latest Updates from the SU President - Click to Watch

We are now two weeks into the term, and have held two successful and safe in-person events (a picnic, and a games and movie night), alongside several online events. The SU team is available for face-to-face meeting/walks/lunch catch ups, as well as digital meetings. The bar is also open - check the OTM Facebook page for details. We are trying our best to bring our beautiful campus back to life :)

Fri 24 Jul 2020

Buckingham Waste Bottle Refill Station

As part of 'Buckingham's Climate Action Plan', the Town Council have installed a new drinking water fountain for refilling bottles in Chandos Park. The Council hope that the new installation will help reduce the plastic waste produced by the town and provide a new service for its residents. The fountain, located opposite the tennis courts, is the first water refill station to be installed in Buckingham.

Sun 19 Jul 2020
Buckinghams new water bottle refill station

Changing the SU Constitution - Your Vote

In August, you will have the chance to vote on vital changes to the Students’ Union constitution. Learn more about these changes at our information forum on the 12th of August. The meeting will be held on Microsoft Teams, and you will receive a calendar invite from the SU President shortly.

Thu 16 Jul 2020

Key Points from the SU President's latest Facebook Live

The start of the Summer Term on Monday the 13th of July has seen the OTM Refectory and Hunter Street library open. The SU team are excited to launch a hybrid student experiene program, with events happening in person and face to face - keep your eyes on our comms for details (including the What's On section on this website). We are excited to see you!

Mon 13 Jul 2020

Srebrenica Memorial Week

Fri 03 Jul 2020

Key Takeaways from the SU President's latest Facebook Live

With most students having finished exams, it is important to look back and celebrate how resilient we have been, how well we have adapted to the new exam format, and to thank all the staff for their help and support. I have continued passing your feedback onto the Quality Assurance Office.

It is an important win that our University re-opened it's first building last week. The Vinson is open for private study 8am to 5 pm on weekdays, and the outside area remains open at all times. Read on...

Mon 22 Jun 2020

Black Lives Matter

Mon 08 Jun 2020


Fri 29 May 2020