Executives meeting - 29th April 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 29th April 2022

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Online (Teams)


  • Henry Hunt (Teams)
  • Katy Botha (Teams)
  • Karina Karagyozova (Teams)
  • Toby Corbett (Teams)
  • Dayeabasi Enoidem (Teams)
  • Adam Pilling (Teams)
  • Harry Chester (Teams)
  • Zaid Al-Baldawi (Teams) (15 minutes late)


  • Brandyn Impey (Broken Knee)

General Updates:

  • Exec Team needs to step up, PTO’s must put what they are doing out there more. Katy suggests more frequent individual 1-1s between the president/vice president and the PTOs.
  • Joanna Jackson is not getting a lot of student interaction; the student conduct name of her department may be driving away students from interacting with her. Any name suggestions for a more friendly name to the student. Student Safeguarding is the name we came up with.
  • Should there be a Crewe Instagram? Students in Crewe wants an Instagram for their SU, they feel it could be more tailored towards them. Adam is for it, better student engagement. Karina believes it could make more of a split between the campuses, Adam believes they can still do shared content between both Instagram’s. Toby is for there being a Crewe Instagram, Daye agrees with the consensus of their being a Crewe Instagram.
  • Bar Snapchat Approved, voted on!
  • Council of ‘Elder’ Medics meeting, Zaid wants to hold in June (June 10th?)



  • Sports and Society Awards happening in August! BSU creates a shortlist of the sports clubs they believe should win. Should we do the same thing with the PTO, we will vote for two of the societies we believe should win an award. Deadline is next week Friday. Do not share amongst ourselves or anyone else.
  • Medical Research society, we already have had one, we believe they are an active society, Zaid will help find out. Henry denied because we already have a society of the same nature, they now want to be called Warrick Hospital Society. They want to provide research and revision opportunities. Daye approves, Adam does not and neither does Karina. Toby approves and Zaid questions whether or not this current society is even doing a good enough job, if they are, why bother with this new one? Society is denied.  


  • Mental Health Awareness Week soon, had a meeting with Brooke. The idea of the MHA week is to promote awareness, the de-stress fest is more activity based, focused on providing an experience to students. Wants to do a dog walk as part of the event, needs to discuss with societies focused with mental health. Also wants to do an event in Crewe. Wants to do a midnight chill revision event for medical students.
  • The present state of the Bar is not presented enough on the SU Instagram account. A meeting will be held later on about.


  • Crewe Branding, when it was MMU, they had the logo with a specific colour to them. Andy would like Crewe to have a specifying feature in the design of the posts for them. Showed us them suggestions.


  • BSU holding an event at the end of May, similar to an event held last year on Beloff Lawn. Also, BSU social is this weekend for Ninja Warrior, there is 21 people on the list going.