Executives meeting - 17th March 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 17th March 2022

Time: 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Location: Refectory

Meeting Purposes:

· General Updates

· Students Announce

· PTO Website

· Week 0 Feedback


· Henry Hunt

· Katy Botha

· Toby Corbett

· Dayeabasi Enoidem

· Adam Pilling

· Harry Chester (Teams)

· Zaid Al-Baldawi

· Brandyn Impey

Agenda/ Minutes:

General Discussions and Updates

· Staff meeting on students announce, asking for any ideas on how better to communicate with students: Something laying out the basic plan perhaps, Maybe open a twitter account! Create a dedicated page for information to go up on the Instagram, there is a link tree on the Instagram but maybe a page for the students announces too.

· Week 0 where students come earlier with induction and meet and greets before classes begin, it exists as an additional week. Everyone is on board for week 0 for future freshers to help them organise.

· Accommodation prices should not increase because there would be an extra week, it shouldn’t create more burden.

· Write article for the website. Karina goes first, Toby, Harry, Brandyn, Zaid, Henry, Daye

· John Drew, wants volunteers for the TF awards, Write a submission of your student experience.

· Ask Karina to do it. Everyone is up for it.

Updates from each executive member


· Henry reached out to Indian society; they plan to change their name to south Asian society. The possible south Asian society wants to exist, but they will now have to communicate with the other society. Desi society now wants to come down and be in Buckingham too from Crewe.

· Friends of Buckingham and Mature night crossover event, each starting at different times. All on board for that.


· More student engagement in what happens on wellness Wednesdays needs to be a thing. We need to gain info on what people want and how we can get the right information to support people properly.


· Discussions of the next steps to take with the medical school.

· Spoken with students about the medical school building providing private spaces 24/7, it isn’t open 24/7 anymore but it should be. Does the University overreact to issues? Closing things prematurely.


· Submit what you do outside the University to get recognition possibly. Give people a platform for their accomplishments. Motivate more students to do more sporting activities and take them further.


· Need ways of collecting feedback for what students think of Crewe, their worries or what they know of. Student opinions of certain things that have happened. Could be via a QR code questionnaire or a direct person present asking for feedback. Possibly include something with ticket prices too, discounts for those who have done the questionnaires.