Korfball trio make Student GB Korfball Squad!!


Congratulations to Ajax Ho, Airi Mizoguchi and Siu Yin Fong for representing the University of Buckingham at the recent GB Student Korfball trials where they were successful in making the squad.  See below a write up from Ajax, Korfball Club President, about the process and what opportunities face the three players this year:  For more information about our university korfball club please see here.  


On Saturday 28th October, three of our Korfball players participated in the GB student korfball tryouts and were selected to join the team. The tryout process proved to be a mix of fun and challenge, and we are thrilled about the prospect of practicing alongside top korfball players from various universities.

That day, we all rose early, embarking on a three-hour road trip to Leeds. Upon arriving and registering for the tryout, we were greeted by players from different universities who were also gearing up for their tryouts. As this was the first official tryouts our team members participated in, we initially felt somewhat overwhelmed by the surroundings. Nevertheless, we composed ourselves and engaged in two hours of demanding korfball drills, which proved to be a departure from our usual training routines and considerably more exhausting.

Following the drills, we proceeded to scrimmages, where the intensity escalated as everyone aimed to prove their worth and showcase their skills. We made concerted efforts to contribute to our respective teams, striving to perform at our best by both scoring goals and assisting our teammates.

At the conclusion of the tryout, when the coaches announced our invitation for further training sessions with the team, we were elated by the opportunity to play at a higher level. Beginning this Saturday, we will commence training with the GB student squad in preparation for the Senior Inter-area Tournament scheduled for April or May. We are eager to embrace this new chapter and look forward to the challenges and opportunities it presents.