Executives meeting - 13th May 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 13th May 2022

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Refectory


  • Henry Hunt
  • Katy Botha
  • Karina Karagyozova (Teams)
  • Toby Corbett
  • Dayeabasi Enoidem
  • Adam Pilling (Teams)
  • Harry Chester (Teams)
  • Zaid Al-Baldawi (Teams)


  • Brandyn Impey

General Updates

  • Update from Callum: Katy asked Callum to join in on this meeting today, Katy and Callum asking for the Exec team to pick it up a bit, there is a level of disappointment with the performance in our roles. Our roles don’t have to be massive campaigns, we need to implement more of our ideas, more just little events, or activities that we can perform our roles in. The leaders of the SU want to see more action and communication from our team as a whole. We must grasp our responsibilities. We have our roles to challenge the SU as a whole to do more. Zaid’s information for the minutes is usually left out due to confidentiality, but more detail could be given as to what is going on in his role.


  • Potential MK Hospital Society, recently we received an application for Warwick hospital society and now students want an MK hospital society. Based completely off-campus, intending to be on campus every so often to talk to students. Difficult to manage, the working hours of the SU are different from that of the society so it may be difficult to commit to effective communication. Zaid likes the idea and asks if other hospital societies may be opened. That could potentially give 3rd and 4th years more of a voice on campus when it comes to changes. Karina agrees that it is a good idea, the society can bring a lot to the University. Maybe a conglomerate hospital placement society would be easier to manage but perhaps they all need to act individually before this can happen. Zaid and Harry discuss whether or not this is a good idea when applied to Crewe, Henry says that we have next to no contact with the fourth years, it is a shame to have them so disenfranchised from the University. We have approved the MK Hospital Society.
  • Will there be a need for a PTO table at the Sports and Societies awards? Zaid may not be present due to an exam, Adam will be with rugby, Harry may want to sit with Crewe Med, Daye is sat with Women’s football, Toby is with cheer and Katy is with Staff and so is Henry. Karina can sit with Women’s Football but needs to ask Felicity.
  • AGMs are in the worst spot possible; Henry has found a better time for them in October. If the AGM happens and the Society goes dormant within a month, we could put a rule in place to where the society is refunded. How do we feel about October? There are no exams, no revision weeks, and no holidays between the non-medics and medic first years and second years. Majority Vote in Favour.


  • Matt Cross has asked if we need anything from estates, anything replaced, anything implemented? (Karina asks if it's worth implementing shorter booths at the bar, and Adam asks about floodlights on Ford Meadow). Katy will take this to Matt next Thursday.
  • The NSS has now closed, we had a very high rate of responses, well done everyone.
  • Recognition to Zaid for all he has done for the Med School so far, well done Zaid.
  • The Crewe Instagram is going forward, it’s a work in progress but it shall happen.
  • (Brandyn has missed three consecutive meetings and will be asked to step down as community and commuter officer.)



  • Something came up today, a society came to Karina to say a lot of people don’t feel that too many of the SU events are too alcohol-related. Henry has received this comment as well, non-alcohol events don’t get a lot of attendance, the Holi event recently has been one of the only non-alcoholic events that have gone well.
  • Revision event being planned prior to exams, de-stress fest in a couple of weeks. WSD has been launched on Monday, well done. 


  • There’s been a case of Vandalism in a student study zone, that has been resolved, it’s not available to students right now.
  • Had a meeting with students in Bio-med, meeting with Katy later to discuss that.
  • Received an email from a student who feels they’ve been bullied by a member of staff. Will send it to Katy as soon as possible.


  • BSU members are up to over 240 now, 100 members attending sports and societies awards. Attended all sports clubs to see if they need anything doing or any fixes. Had a meeting with all executives, and enforced the idea of filling in the registers. Katy and Adam spoke about a potential BSU/SU party; wear any sports kit you want to wear. Will talk to henry about it.

Daye :

  • She asked students who began last September, asking what had been better however, most asked for more events. Daye has requested tours for Buckingham to be promoted further.
  • Culture Day is planned for next term instead of this term, the weather will be better and more time to prepare. People need memories made more often in this University, more reaching out, meeting with henry on Monday. Pride society reached out too to see if they need any help with anything. Picnic around Jubilee time.


  • Chandos Road building now 24/7. They originally closed it because it was encouraging bad study habits, they would find people studying there all night in the morning. A lot of discussions have led to student welfare being prioritised and student health will be focused on even with building 24/7.
  • Someone has reached out asking to meet with Zaid.


  • Set up weekly meetings with Katy to try and push forward and promote more efficient work in my role. Currently looking at working on a plan for the Archimedean screw next week that would outline the plan of action for the next 5 years.
  • Spoke about actions being taken concerning an email from Dean Jones mentioning a new environmental litter picking initiative implemented by the town council. Planning to hold an event in the near future utilising these litter pickers, perhaps making it a regular occurrence.
  • Weekly environmental posts are being planned.


  • Notes: Brandyn did not turn up, so he will receive a strike as he did not give any reason for his non-attendance.