EMSOC Code Blue Carnival

On Wednesday the 22nd of May the EMSoc held their first emergency simulation night “Code Blue Carnival”.

We were delighted to see so many people sign up to the event and show so much enthusiasm. The afternoon started with a very insightful talk, “A day in the Emergency Department” by trainee Critical Care Paramedic, Evie O’Donoghue. She explained the different areas that make up an ED and introduced common conditions that present daily to her department. This was a great opportunity for students to acknowledge the importance of multidisciplinary team working and the diverse nature of emergency medicine. 

Later on, 5 different teams were formed and for the purpose of skill mixture, we decided to appoint a minimum of 2 second years to each team. We were so happy to see many people step out of their comfort zone and make new friends!

There was a total of five stations that lasted around 20 minutes each: 

  • Anaphylaxis scenario where they got to practise IM injections. A special mention to our colleague Matthew who very kindly acted short of breath for most of the afternoon. 
  • Cannulation station, a fan favourite, second years got to practise their cannulation skills and got a refresher on anatomy. It was great exposure for the first years who got to observe their peers. Additionally, a revision sheet was given for them to practise term 2 content
  • A BLS station with a twist…. Someone collapsed in the middle of a club! Dark lights and music were used as distractors, great practice for a real-life scenario.
  • Extrication, scoops, C-spine clearance, and log roll practice using hospital equipment.
  • Tourniquets and catastrophic haemorrhage management.


After all the stations were finished, we had a debrief and talked about the different opportunities in emergency medicine. A surprise prize was given to team 5 who worked efficiently and showed very promising skills!

We would like to thank Lois for her support throughout the night and thank you all for coming. We had so much fun preparing this simulation night for you guys. 

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