Executives meeting - 12th September 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 9th of September

Welcome & apologies
Apologies from ZA


1) Katy Botha (KB):

a. Crewe presentation

  1. Presentation is done by Crewe Students on why they are unhappy with data
  2. It is going to the council

b. Daye event

  1. Went well
  2. Execs applauded

c. Allotment space

  1. Secured allotment space in Norton’s Place
  2. Asked the Friends of University to partner with us
  3. Currently waiting on purchase of seedbeds

d. Termly updates

  1. Not all execs have submitted an update
  2. Those who haven’t provided one by tonight will not be included and instead will be shamed

e. Holiday

  1. KB will be away from Wednesday next week until 26th September
  2. HH is deputized to be President
  3. KB warns she does not wish to be contacted and will be unreachable during her holiday


2) Henry Hunt (HH):

a. Society form

  1. Indian Society’s revival was approved unanimously

b. Updates

  1. Brought up Freshers currently being planned
  2. Then will work on designing the New Society Exec Training
  3. PTOs are expected to attend Buckingham Freshers Fair on 28th 3pm to 6pm
  4. PTOs are expected to attend Crewe Freshers Fair on 5th October


3) Karina Karagyozova (KK):

a. Updates

  1. Working with Brook Jones on De-Stress Fest in November
  2. Drumming up business for future wellness-related events
  3. KK to contact Jessica Robertson on upcoming social media posts


4) Maia Ibrahim (MI):

a. Updates

  1. Students in Crewe are still disappointed in regards to lack of university support and attention
  2. Communicating with Andy Young on Freshers activities
  3. Trying to bridge gap between Biomed and Med



5) Toby Cobett (TC):

a. Updates

  1. Started an online training on sustainability
  2. Saving Battle of the Bins 3 for later as next relevant day is in the holidays
  3. Talks of doing other cleaning events with potential donations to charities


6) Adam Pilling (AP):
a. Updates

  1. BSU will not be posting until after Queen Mourning period
  2. Looking at BSU handover process and where to improve
  3. Eliminator Challenge has finished, post will be made after mourning
  4. Chancellor’s Cup footage has been collated and will be posted after mourning period
  5. Had meeting with Crewe sports students about current state of sports


7) Daye Enoidem (DE):

a. Updates

  1. Mocktail making event was successful
  2. Working on International Day Event for next term


8) Zaid Al-Baldwi (ZA):

a. Society investigation

  1. i. HH spoke on behalf: Investigation into International Medical Residency has finished
    • 1. Vote held resulted in approval of society

b. Updates



  • KB and HH will be leaving at end of year
    • KB plans for a PTO awards evening to celebrate the year gone by