Executives meeting - 23rd January 2023


SU Executive Meeting Minutes 23/01/2023

Attendance – Toby Corbett, Tolu Osamolu, Chrissie Telling, Eric Broten, Andrey Awosika, Oyejide Arojojoye, Fay Fareed, Eleanor Stevens


Sabbatical Updates/Points for discussion


  • Elections to be held in February
    • From 1st Feb, holding by-elections
    • Environmental & Ethical, Buckingham Campus & Mature student
    • Aim to complete elections by end of Feb
  • Hoodies, Sweatshirts, or anything else?
    • Badges – to wear everyday
    • EB suggests quarter zips, JJ seconds – TC to look into costs
  • Social this Thursday at 6:45 – 8:15


  • Draft of the new structure of Societies
    • CT to email Sabbs + PTOs protected communities and events to allow for input
    • JJ suggests a requirement for Crewe society events every term, CT to consider & discuss furhter
  • Potential removal of revision sessions in Med Societies
    • FF suggests recording sessions for accountability
    • Must be free to everyone not just members to remove barriers
    • SU to attend as many revision events as possible, random drop bys


  • Student Council
    • PTOs more involved in SC meetings
    • Should PTOs be required to attend SC meetings?
    • Raising issues with SC as a group can be used as evidence when pushing an issue forward
    • JJ – do PTO lose their individual identity as a student at a SC meeting, as they are representing the SU? TO – would be there as a representative, bringing issues identified within the student body
    • TB - Will all PTOs attend every meeting? TO – not mandated, but invited to every meeting
    • Meetings held 3 times per term
    • JJ - Only held 1 meeting in Crewe, TO – projected to hold meetings twice per term
    • FF – Previous SU execs often said they would schedule a Crewe SC meeting at a later date but seemingly never scheduled
    • TO to confirm Anita Wises job title
  • Survey Calendar
    • Shared spreadsheet – All officers to fill in how many surveys you’ve received over the past year, over from the University only. Due end of week.
    • Aim to reduces number of surveys, increase quality

Order of Updates from PTOs (if applicable)

  • Fay
  • JJ
    • Medical calendar changed to align better with other students
    • To meet with Liz about Library
    • WSD now on campus in Crewe
    • SU bar – now has a coffee machine
    • New projector in Lecture Hall
    • 80 new first years, more than ever before
    • New deputy dean in Crewe
    • New SU staff - Mari
  • Audrey
    • Planning a meeting with Wellbeing team – this week
  • Eleanor
    • Had first BSU meeting
    • Planning BSU Fresher fair
    • Setting up BSU member of the month – recognising more individuals
    • Reaching out to other Uni’s, collaborations on events
    • Reviewed charity events for two clubs and will push for more clubs to get involved with charities
    • Will met with Crewe sports clubs individually
  • Erik
    • Better feedback from students needed
    • Working with TO about getting more feedback from students
    • To discuss with CT about societies on feedback