Buckingham Bullets walk 10 miles for Breast Cancer Now

Buckingham Bullets 10 Mile Charity Walk for Breast Cancer Now:

On Sunday 19th May, President Meredith Thompson, and Secretary Olivia Williams, embarked, alongside friends, family, and colleagues, on the Buckingham Bullets’ 10 Mile Charity Walk for Breast Cancer Now.

Breast Cancer Now was the charity chosen to support because it has personally affected Merry and Liv. Merry lost her beautiful mum, Amanda, to breast cancer in 2020, and Liv’s wonderful Nan, Elizabeth, is currently living with breast cancer. Therefore, this charity walk was in memory of Merry’s Mum, and support of Liv’s Nan. Having experienced first-hand the devastating impact this remorseless disease can have on individuals and families, the Buckingham Bullets made it their aim to raise as much money as possible to help support other people being impacted by breast cancer.

On the day, the sun was shining down on us as we walked from the University, through Buckingham, around Stowe, to Akeley, and then back into Buckingham via Maids Moreton. The route, which was planned by Liv, was picturesque and all walkers saw beautiful scenery including rolling fields, blue, cloudless skies, still lakes, and magnificent architecture in the form of Stowe House. Unintentionally, the route also had various animals along it; the walkers all enjoyed seeing cows, lambs, horses, and alpacas. We all found the animals gave us a little boost when our energy levels may have been reducing! 10 miles was a long way to walk, and everyone agreed that their feet, legs, and hips were aching by the end! However, the support, encouragement, kindness, laughter, and chattiness of all members on the walk made it feel like a breeze. We are grateful to those who came on the walk in particular, for making it feel like we were a united team tackling breast cancer together through our fundraising.


We have, as of 22nd May 2024, raised £1018 in total, despite our goal starting at just £500. The Buckingham Bullets, and Merry and Liv in particular, are incredibly grateful to everyone for their generous support. Without everyone donating, the difference we can now make to people living with breast cancer through Breast Cancer Now would not have been possible. We never imagined that our small club with twelve members would have been able to make such an impact. Thank you to everyone who donated, reposted, shared, came to the walk, and supported us throughout our fundraising for this incredible charity, Breast Cancer Now.  If you wish to donate you can do so here.  

Sarah Ruff, Sports Coordinator: "I am so proud of Merry (Cheer Club President) and Olivia (Cheer Club Secretary) for the planning and work they put into the walk.  They have raised a huge amount of money for charity whilst also shining a light on a cause which is close to their hearts.  You should both be very proud."