Executives meeting - 10th June 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 10th June 2022 

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM 

Location: Refectory 


  • Katy Botha  

  • Karina Karagyozova  

  • Toby Corbett   

  • Dayeabasi Enoidem  

  • Harry Chester 

  • Henry Hunt 

In Exam:  

  • Adam Pilling (Teams) 

General Updates: 

  • Harry is going to be departing the SU as he is finishing this summer.  

  • Done the Costing for The Hydroelectricity project for the Tanlaw Mill, now looking at the potential for solar panels. It is that or the Archimedean screw. Zaid suggests a grass-type alternative. 

  • Reminds us to send through our Instagram Updates.  

  • Marketing Apprentice Jessica will be joining the upstairs office. 


  • It’s the 3rd or 4th attempt at a revival of pediatric society, Henry is not for them having Co-President, it is useful for reaching out to them but then it becomes a bit more of a hassle if both are inactive. Henry believes they should more focus on an event specialised manager; Zaid believes we need to bring this up at the meeting with long-standing medical societies. Society Approved  

  • The next meeting, Henry will be asking us to vote amongst the shortlisted societies for awards, wants us to make sure we have chosen the right societies, and if we want to make any changes.  



  • Academic meetings continuing as regular, no real news to report on as of now. Final meeting as Crewe Officer.  


  • Sat down with Katy to discuss future plans of action for her role.  

  • Had a talk with Dee about the Medical Charter.  


  • Pride Society – The Pride March, went nicely, only a few showed up to the event for the whole duration.  


  • Still planning to run the Litter Picking Event. Exams have affected the ability to get it up and running but will have time to hold the event post-exams.