What is Buckingham: UP ?

Buckingham: Unlocking Potential or Buckingham: UP is an extra-curricular awards framework which complements your studies here.

We offer a framework designed to help students capture and provide evidence to help you grow as a future graduate whilst preparing you for your individual career aspirations. 

In an increasingly competitive job market and with more and more graduates not knowing exactly what they want with their futures, it is vital that that students nurture the extra-curricular side of their University experience as well as your Degree. 

We wholeheartedly encourage you to get involved and engage in a range of opportunities available both internally and externally to the University. We will give you all of the tools you need: you will have the chance to experience and develop new ideas whilst making long-lasting network and social contacts throughout your time at University and beyond. 

How it works

The award is made up of different levels which reflect the range of activities that students can get involved with. These activities are designed to demonstrate the students’ understanding of the University Graduate Attributes listed below: 

  • Independent thinking  
  • Enterprising 
  • Professional & Work Ready 
  • Global Mind set  


If you are interested in participating in Buckingham: UP and unlocking your potential, have a look at the different stages of this scheme.

Please note: you will start on the Bronze stage, then the Silver stage, before completing the Gold stage.



Any questions about the Buckingham:UP scheme? Email Brook Jones the Students' Union Membership Services Manager.