Executives meeting - 21st October 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 21st of October  


DA, KK, HH, NI, KB, TC  




  • Push to promote elections and running  

Water fountain  

  • Water fountain in Vinson Building  

Girls night in  

  • KB asked for assistance from KK and DA  

  • KB asked NI on offline update about one happening in Crewe  

Lights in Chandos  

  • Students are complaining about poor lighting in Chandos Park  

  • KB talking to local council  

  • KK mentioned areas such as the bridges leading to and from the Island Car Park  



Decompression session society  

  • Unanimous no  


  • Unanimous no  

Effective Altruism  

  • No  




  • World Mental Health Day event went well, good turnout  

  • Both booking events and turn-up events were busy  

  • Working on alcohol awareness with WSD  




  • Event scheduled for next Friday  

  • Girls night in to happen in 2 weeks  

  • Got a water dispenser in the Med School buildings  




  • Working towards building an argument for kinetic energy generating flooring  




  • Sorting out and preparing for BSU elections  

  • Got 3 candidates running, will be interviewed by AP and Sarah Ruff on Monday  

  • 120 current BSU members, expected to drop to 80ish after December  

  • BSU to do some recreational sports over the term  




  • LaCSoc had an international themed event, well intended  

  • BHM update  

  • Who said it quotes is still ongoing  

  • No entries for poetry reading  

  • Board quotes have been going well, but looks like people have rubbed out other people answers  

  • Sip and paint on hold until event space booking approved  




  • Spoke to Med School about AGMs and Society Handbooks  

  • Hopeful of DermSoc and IRMSoc  

  • SurgSoc still trying to revive themselves by the SU even though students are asking them why, so have tried to lobby Med School  

  • ZA told PTOs and Sabbs to stand ground when asked/interrogated on things to do with SurgSoc  

  • Spoke to Med School about student support however staff have turned over since initial discussions  

  • Student Rep spoke to ZA about lack of concessions in Med School in regards to sick leave and leave to visit conferences   

  • ZA spoke to Med School for further investigation and understood the process better  

  • ZA to feed back to Med Rep on the process  

  • Med Student accommodation problem semi resolves for now  



  • KB asked PTOs for maximum effort for the last term to have a final hurrah and set standard for next PTOs and Sabbs