Executives meeting - 4th March 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 4th March 2022 

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM 

Location: Refectory  

Meeting Purposes:  

  • General Updates 


  • Henry Hunt  

  • Katy Botha 

  • Karina Karagyozova 

  • Toby Corbett 

  • Dayeabasi Enoidem  

  • Adam Pilling  

  • Harry Chester (Teams) 

  • Zaid Al-Baldawi 

  • Brandyn Impey (Teams) 

Agenda/ Minutes: 

General Discussions and Updates 

  • Harry and Brandyn both mention the possible South Asian society, questioning possible similarities to existing societies.  

  • Henry explains various differences and similarities. 

  • Karina wonders if there is a point. Daye shares this idea; Adam believes it may be a good idea.  

  • Henry thinks from an organisational perspective it doesn’t make too much sense; Katy speaks of inclusion.  

  • Henry explains the inactivity of the current society and the shared ideas and existing traits that would be shared by both societies.  

  • Current society has been inactive due to re-sit exams which would mean it could seem unfair to replace their society or to merge it into another new society.  

  • Decision to deny South Asian society with the intent to talk to existing society, to figure out if they would be happy to merge or to create a new combined society.  

  • Everyone agrees towards move forward with Pride Society. GP society revival possible, similar to many other medical societies in terms of their goals, but there isn’t anything directly copied. It is catered towards students who want to go onto that career path. Everyone in favour.  

  • Discussing women’s sanitary products (Hey Girl) now in the toilets, need to educate on disposing these products.   

  • Student Council meeting, participants asked to rate the student support services and their visibility to students. All ratings below 5, everyone should show up to the next meeting so that they can meet reps.  

  • More students need to take the NSS survey, increase in incentives discussed.  

Updates from each executive member 


  • Meeting with societies, setting out their goals and getting them to be more forward thinking, more active on Instagram and the website.  

  • Cooking, friends of Buckingham want to set up cookery classes and it is now going ahead. It will be happening next term on April 14th. It is a basic cooking class in Beloff Kitchen.  

  • WONKHE conference, not entirely relevant to us.   


  • Free Sanitary products, working with Daisy, sending samples of the products to present to the rest of the executive team.  


  • Addressed LGBT students, it was great getting feedback, they appreciate it, and they look forward to us doing more events.  

  • Lots of feedback being taken in, many interactions with students.  


  • The actions taken during the last meeting are still going on. 



  • Wellness Wednesday went very well, they were very happy with the turnout, continuing the same thing next week, Henry will be involved then.  

  • University mental health day went well as well. The positivity tree is great. Could distribute the notes a little bit higher.  


  • Brit Challenge didn’t reach intended goal but got very close. 

  • Over 200 members in the BSU which is fantastic.  

  • BSU Function, Ninja Warrior possibly, taking 50 BSU members. 


  • Denied in student discount proposal by company. 

  • Went to a development talk on improving how students access information in the faculty of medicine.  


  • Going to be sitting down with Brooke to email Matt from estates.  

  • James has told Jane the Garden must happen; Jane wants to attend all the meetings Brandyn attends for the garden to make sure of this.  

  • Meeting with Dean soon, vouchers from Morrisons are going to help paying for the equipment.   

  • Wants to grow pumpkins, to supply the University with Halloween décor.  

  • Barbeque idea, bring the friends in. But Garden is the priority, businesses in town list being formed. 


  • Enquiring with the rest of the team on a fundraising event proposal to do with the Ukraine Humanitarian crisis. Desire to collaborate with the BSU on the subject. Running event with a donation made by the University based on the number of kilometres ran possible. Measured in a Strava group over a period of time (Three Days for example).