Executives meeting - 20th February 2023

SU Executive Meeting Minutes 20/02/2023 

Attendance - Fay, JJ, Audrey, Erik, Toby, Chrissie, Tolu, Eleanor 

Sabbatical Updates


  • Elections Dates 

  • TC to put updated dates in the chat 

  • Academic Reps 

  • X3 Exec positions – Mature, E&E, Buckingham Campus Officer 

  • Finishes 24th March 

  • Potential Workshops for new PTOs 

  • Training for new officers and existing 

  • Put on by the business school 

  • In person, if possible, after 24th March 

  • Any requested training – contact TC 

  • PREVENT Update 

  • George Galloway – overview of his history, external got in touch to express why he shouldn’t be allowed to speak 

  • Prevent is being reviewed at a senior level 

  • All execs to finish PREVENT training as soon as possible 

  • SU to make a public declaration making it clear we do not support the decision to host George Galloway 


  • Update on the meeting with Joanne Selway 


  • No Updates  

Updates from PTOs


  • 1) Uni accepted 3 international med students, placed at Stoke at Phase 2 – have completed phase 1 in Maylasia? Jo Selway invited Fay & Brook to induction 

  • May only be here for a couple of years for experience 

  • Has contacted students to find out further information – went through an application process, perhaps outreach programme in Maylasia? Have done all their studying in Maylasia 

  • OJ – Jo Selway travelled to Maylasia

  • 2) Complaints from Med 22 about the QE policy – isn't reflected nationally, most other university don’t have as strict limitations and students are required to repeat whole years/units 

  • Student sharing form to gather information on the QE issue and a form about releasing lecture slides – sometimes slides aren’t released before lectures or even during, need to be minimum of 24 hours prior 

  • OJ – Med should not be an undergrad degree, it's too fast, doesn’t teach real life skills, little space for learning & growth 

  • CT – needs a review of who is being accepting on to the course 


  • New Crewe director – met on student engagement with OJ, is creating sub-groups for input & framework 

  • Gymnastics group – looking to renew for 10 years, current sub-clause to allow for students to use the space once a week, if renewed, may lose that access. Contacted Sarah to discuss 

  • Delaney Building – restarting Library 

  • ICB – no cafeteria, adding vending machines, looking at bringing in a coffee shop 


  • Emailed Harin to discuss using the Flying machine for an event 

  • Looking for student feedback through other PTOs 

  • TC – events committee can help input with this 

  • Trying to organise a meeting with Karina 

  • Mentor from Wellbeing looking to involve Audrey with external event 

  • OJ – have you been up to Crewe to meet Wellbeing team 


  • Meeting with Kara about Sports & Mind – sets up random sessions near the uni for anyone struggling with their mental health 

  • Crewe Freshers Fair – BSU exec needed to be more engaged and actively reviewing 

  • Poll on BSU Instagram, golf, archery & polo 

  • University mental health day – planning ideas 

  • Booked OTM for a White Party, in May 

  • Crewe sports suggestions – badminton 

  • Netball & Tennis president had to step down – Netball has been replaced and in the process of sorting out Tennis 

  • To update us after Friday meeting 


  • Created a survey on providing transport between airports and campus, plan to release by Wednesday 

  • To chat with OJ if there is a need in Crewe, OJ requests that Crewe specific questions can be integrated into survey, TO a separate survey may be needed 

  • OJ – Manchester to Crewe is easier than Heathrow to Crewe 

  • Agreed that a separate survey will be organised for Crewe 

  • Research banking support