Executives meeting - 15th July 2022

Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 15thof July 2022 

Location: Hybrid

Welcome and apologies-Meeting was attended in full in the usual hybrid fashion

Katy & General Updates:

  • Crewe officer
    • Katy and fellow execs welcome Maia to the fold
  • Charlotte from Bucks New
    • Execs and SU staff have been invited to see and visit Bucks New University.
    • Execs to decide on a date to visit, date to be finalized but should be a Wednesday in August.
  • Prevent meeting
    • Jo Jackson to attend a future meeting to provide training.
    • Duration 30 mins approximately
  • Katy’s actions and aims
    • Toby and Katy have found a garden space for the communal garden by Nortons Place accommodation.
    • Is still battling Estates on getting recycling bins on campus.
    • Ordered a mass amount of tampons & pads for both campuses.
    • Girls Night Out is to happen next week
      • Katy to talk to Maia, Karina, and Daye on how best to replicate in Crewe.
  • Crewe Instagram
    • Asked execs to follow and show support.
  • Girls night out happening in Buckingham
    • Details on website


  • Society application
    • Henry explained reasons on initial dismissal
    • Zaid to talk to med school to investigate further before final decision
  • Society award shortlist re-evaluation
    • Execs were happy with shortlist
    • Issues raised by Awards Ceremony Team about qualifications were resolved unanimously
  • Surgical society issues
    • Zaid explains the current issues raised against the Surgical Society
    • Execs were in full support of making the society dormant.
      • Zaid voiced the concept of a one medical society system per campus, and Henry and Zaid looked into this system.
      • Society will remain dormant for 4 months.
      • Certain executives of society are not allowed to create and/or revive societies.



  • This term's aims and goals.
    • Mainly working on behind-the-scenes this term.
    • Mental Health Charter.
      • In Collaboration with Dee Bunker.
      • Offering a student viewpoint.
    • Alcohol awareness with Sharon Deeker.
      • How to make students aware of all things alcohol.
    • Pride Society reached out to put on an event w/ Daye and Karina.
      • The meeting to happen soon.
    • TED Event to involve Katy and Daye and Feminist Society.
      • Karina to send details to Daye and Katy by the next meeting.
    • Thank You, Day will now happen in August rather than July.
    • WSD going to Crewe, potential to move it to August.
  • Any updates
    • Next term will be more events focused.
      • Events to be discussed with Katy.
    • TEDx from the first term will now be sent to TED.
      • Karina to update Speakers about what has happened.



  • This term aims and goals
    • Chancellors’ Cup to happen
      • In early planning stages
      • Execs to let Adam know of what sports we may want to see
  • Any updates
    • No updates



  • This term aims and goals.
  • Any updates.

Had to leave prematurely due to personal reasons



  • This term's aims and goals
    • Still working toward creating a more positive atmosphere in med school
      • Issues regarding sick leave to review with med school
    • To focus on Crewe campus and students and disparity in teaching
    • Improving societies to support med students as well as improve general sense of societies amongst med students
  • Any updates



  • This term's aims and goals
    • Planning and running environment-related events
      • Battle of the Bins was good, lots of litter was collected even though there were a few dropouts
      • Battle of the Bins to occur more often
      • Planning a world cleanup day to go clean up a local beach
      • Earth Day style workshop but bringing in more externals who are environment focused/conscientious
    • Creating a seed bank system from student leftovers to then use in the community gardens and more
    • Estates were asked for a drying clothesline but the request was denied
  • Any updates



  • This term's aims and goals
    • Host a Culture Day in August
    • Potential to design posts or bring in workshops about micro-aggressions in regards to against race, sexuality, gender and more
    • Look into of a potential cultural cook/bake off
  • Any updates
    • Email sent out to cultural societies last term gained responses about what they would do to express their culture more on campus



  • Katy going up to Crewe next week Thursday, Zaid may go with.
  • Henry and Katy to be unavailable during Graduation week.