PRAS Society host ‘The Diversity of Plastics’ Conference

Over the weekend, UBMS PRAS Society held their Conference 2024, ‘The Diversity of Plastics’ on the 4th of May. 

We are delighted to have seen so many students attend our conference and are beyond thankful for all the people responsible in making this conference a success! 

We started our morning with an introduction to our Committee (Leila Mohamed, Aditya Menon, Danielle Furness, Aditya Bose- Mandal, Jessica Hainsworth) followed by our thought provoking talks delivered by our renowned speakers Mr Ryan Kerstein, Dr Hiroki Kodama, Dr Ankur Khajuria and Ms Zarina Shaikh. 


Our talks covered an array of topics that highlighted the copious hallmarks of medicine. From building your career and portfolio as a medical student to exploring life’s opportunities that co-exist with medicine, as well as advancing through surgical training to case-based experiences seen in the field of plastics. Altogether, these shed light on to what it means to be a doctor and what it takes to get there! 

Following these stimulating discussions, all were met with a mouth-watering buffet adorned with various selections of sandwiches, rolls, wraps, samosas, snacks and desserts etc. As said by an attendee “The best conferences always have the best food”. 

During this break our attendees and our esteemed speakers - who were our Judges for the Poster Presentations, had the opportunity to view all poster displays and cast their vote on the top 3 students to present after lunch! 

Congratulations to our Poster Presentation Winner Maja Fulford, who presented her audit on Teledermology and different types of medical images in Teledermology used in the early detection of Skin cancer. 

A big big well done to our two other students, Diya Sethi who presented on Evaluating Imaging Modalities for Breast Implant- Associated ALCL Detection, and  Samdisha Debra who presented a review of the safety and efficacy of Cyrolipolysis. 

We are overjoyed to have seen so many of you display your posters at the conference! We hope you are all very proud of your achievements and continue to storm through Medicine with mettle and moxie! 

Our afternoon was filled with various workshops which covered Basic Suturing, Miscrosurgery vessel & nerve repair, and simulated surgery through the use of VR headsets! Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed this experience and further amplified this momentous event by impressing us all with their dedication and drive to learn and expand their surgical skills! 

The day came to a close with thank you remarks delivered by our President Leila Mohamed, a congratulations to our poster winner and celebration of everybody’s hard work in making this conference a great triumph! 

One quote to be held close when reflecting on our experience as part of this conference is “sharing inspiration for the future” - Ms Zarina Shaikh. 

As the  UBMS PRAS Society Committee, we are beyond thankful to have been able to have run this event. We are excited to see where the future of medicine takes us, and we look forward to taking that journey alongside strong-willed aspiring doctors and like-minded individuals! 

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