Executives meeting - 18th February 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 18th February 2022

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Refectory

Meeting Purposes:

• General Updates


• Henry Hunt (Teams)

• Katy Botha

• Karina Karagyozova

• Toby Corbett

• Dayeabasi Enoidem

• Adam Pilling (Teams)

• Harry Chester (Teams)

• Zaid Al-Baldawi

• Brandyn Impey (Teams)

Agenda/ Minutes:

General Updates from Katy

• Desire to create a template for general updates on what we are doing.

• Crewe matriculation was good, good turnout. Freshers Fair lovely.

• Henry and Katy created document together for protected societies. To

do with student wellbeing and marginalised groups. Hosting one event a

term for these societies.

• Student Conduct – Conduct wants to sit in the next executive meeting to

tell us what will and won’t happen when things concerning misconduct

with students happen, so we can inform students of that.

• MMU interview (Manchester Met) – collaborating with her exec to be

on board with ours.

• E-Bikes – deciding to turn them down, common vote amongst all of us.

These electric bikes are unnecessary, not affordable enough compared

to regular bikes.

• Friends of Buckingham helping with language and de-stress fest. Lack of

interaction as of now, we need to get to know them better, invite a

single participant. Event is being built for them.

• Anita Wise – wants to do quality control within student reps. Are 5

meetings a term too much for student reps? Decided it should be fine.

• Student Spaces – what do we think should be in them? Think of ideas.

Common room or silent study spaces?


• Pushing societies to do activities and working on activities with them


• Free Sanitary products, working with Daisy, sending samples of the

products to present to the rest of the executive team.


• The WSD, emailed them, came up with 4 centres that they want to

surround inclusivity on. Codeword: CAMP. Wellness Wednesdays could

be used to educate people on different multiple mental disorder.

• LGBTQ Society Update: Pride Month, shift attention to moving forward

with that project. Pride Night? Modelled after the Girls Night in?


• Wellness Wednesday went ok, lack of communication in terms of the

release of materials. Poster for next Wednesday needs to go on SU


• University mental health day wants to do a university wide book

exchange. Environmentally friendly based, not pick and choose type

situation. Wants the tree to be a positivity tree, allow students to submit

encouragement or nice quotes to put on the tree.


• Discounts on food have been completed, Gym has said no to the

discount, want to improve the gym on campus. The bar name got

rejected by virtually everybody. No one agreed with ICU as the bar



• Will work with the running event ran by Toby to get the BSU involved.

• 180 BSU members, Wednesday with the execs meeting.

• Everything going exceedingly well.


• Been looking through the options discussed during the dinner with the

VC with Katy.

• I’ve got a thread and email to look through from Callum to consider the

UOB e-bikes partnership.

• Shut down by the local garden centre to organise a compost usage

system, now looking at alternate ways.

• Organise a running fundraising event with a group of students, anyone

who wants to sign up would be able too and we would undertake it by

the end of this month. Fundraising for either WWF or perhaps

something more relevant to what is going on in the world right now,

perhaps refugee crises or storm rebuild efforts.


• Had another meeting with Jo Jackson and Katy Evans, to discuss points

of information with the medical school.


• Discussed locations with Jane, meeting with estates w/ jane. Callum to

sit in as well.

• Forward in communication with Morrisons, Morrisons vouchers can be

used for equipment, soils and anything needed. Project will get