Executives meeting - 26th August 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 26th August 2022



  • Hydroelectricity
    • An assessment of the river was conducted
    • Cost 250,000 to implement, and would take 40 years to recover that, requires replacement every 10 years
    • The vote was unanimous in not having the Archimedean Screw
  • Toby and Karina's events
    • Well done to TC and KK for the events they have put on
  • Daye events
    • Like to see PTO engagement at DA’s upcoming event
  • Student Council
    • It happened on Wednesday evening
    • Attendance was only 9 people out of 38
    • KB made complaints to the ARs about lack of participation and lack of visible feedback gathering
    • NSS survey feedback was also given
  • Prevent training
    • Thanks to PTOs for attending
    • The training was lacking in clarity
  • Other
    • Crewe Survey Discussion
      • SU went to the Crewe campus and held a large meeting with students to discuss issues and problems raised by their survey
      • Work is being put on to resolve issues, at least with the SU-related issues
      • KB to go forward with departmental issues.



  • No new society applications
  • The society handbook is finished
  • Freshers Fair 28th Sept 3 pm to 6 pm, PTOs expected to attend
  • The awards night was a success, survey will be released next week, please fill out and share it with others


  • Did not attend


  • Event was successful
  • I would like more PTO attendance
  • Prepping for next term’s events, seeking assistance from Brook Jones



  • BSU AGMs, all clubs finished AGMs successfully
  • New Korfball club
  • New execs received training on 25/08, and will be met more 1 to 1 style by Adam and Sarah over the next weeks and term
  • Chancellors Cup, great success, high attendance, making it even bigger next year
  • Awards Night, great success from BSU & Sports Clubs’ point of view
  • Quiz night, poor attendance but those who attended enjoyed
  • Plan to revive Hockey club around Freshers
  • The potential for Volleyball club start around Freshers
  • Potential for Tennis club start next term



  • Investigating SurgSoc for further issues
  • HH and ZA gave presentations to SU
    • The response was that the change of the system was too drastic and it is better to enforce current rules instead
    • Training will have to be more intense
  • Investigation into Med Abroad Soc
    • Promising society
  • Met WSD
  • Discussing with students about med curriculum



  • Battle of the Bins 2 was more successful than the first
    • Thanked PTO engagement
    • Tripled amount of litter collected than the first event (12 bags)
  • Battle of the Bins 3 to come soon
    • Potential for 17th September
  • Met with Friends of University
    • Befriended them
    • Talked about the current allotment project
  • Potential for a biking society



  • Completed and submitted microaggressions paper
  • Currently sitting with Jessica Robertson
  • Upcoming event: Mocktail Making Event, 3pm to 6pm
  • Planning an International Day for students for next term



  • General reminder to PTOs to seek reimbursement when making purchases on behalf of SU
  • Taking part in FemSoc’s 1.6miles event
    • KB
    • HH
    • TC
    • DA
    • KK
  • MK Pride on 10th September
    • KB & HH attending
  • Expecting 260 students in Bucks on Sept, 33 Crewe